The Libertines - Music when the lights go out

is it cruel to be kind not to speak my mind and to lie to you rather than hurt you well ill confess all of my sins after several large gins but still ill hide from you, hide whatsinside from you and alarm bells ring.when you say your heart still sings.when your with me, oh darling pleaseforgive me but i no longer hear the music oh no no no no and all the memories of the pubs and the clubs, and the drugs and the tubs we shared togetherwill stay with me forever.. but all the highs and the lows and the to's and the fro's they left me dizzy oh wont you pleaseforgive me

but i no longer hear the music oh no no no no

well i no longer hear the music when the lights go out love goes cold in the shades of doubt the strange fate in my mind its all too clear, music when the lights come on the girl i thought i knew has gone, and with her my heart it dissapeard

well i no longer hear the music oh no no no no and all the memories of the fights and the nights and the blue lights and the kites we flew together i thought theyd fly forever

but all the highs and the lows and the to's and the fro's they left me dizzy oh wont you pleaseforgive me

but i no longer hear the music oh no no no no

well i no longer hear the music when the lights go out love goes cold in the shades of doubt thestrange fate in my mind its all too cleari no longer hear the music when the lights go out the girl i thought i knew has gone and withher my heart has disapeard

but i no longer hear the music oh no no no no and i no longer hear the music

The Libertines - Radio America

If I get the callI will call across
Radio AmericaRight across America
I will callYes
I will call all across
Radio America
Right across America I will call

If call I must do
To take my love my love to you

There a lovely young girl on?
And all across Africa, China and AustraliaI will call

Call you down in New Mexico
In New Brighton and TokyoI will call

If call I must do
To take my love my love to you

For well it may hap' that these are they
Your happiest days
Oh my good old friendI see you chanced your arm again

Red faced president
Took afternoon tea with her majesty the Queen
And they watched old films flicker
Across the old palace movie screen crying
What a shame as she slipped in the rain
The poor dancing girl she won't dance again

And they said it was a transmission
To take my love my love to you


Stella McCartney for NET-A-PORTER.COM

Project White T-Shirt

Charity and t-shirts have gone hand in hand so many times that we wonder whether 'yet another designer t-shirt collaboration all in the name of charity' will grab out attention. Certainly the name Project White T-shirt brings to mind other similarly spirited collaborations, what with humble white t-shirt being the perfect canvas for any designer to apply their signature. What marks Project White T-Shirt out though is the type of designers that have been chosen to partake in this project. Ritchie Chan of creative studio/agency Triple Major scoured the world looking for designers that could potentially do something genuinely interesting with a t-shirt.
The 31 names involved, include Andrea Crews, Bruno Pieters, Pelican Avenue, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Daniel Palillo and other contemporary avant-gardists that are mainly still carving out a signature for themselves and so we look to their t-shirts with curiosity. Looking at the designs that are all exhibited online, these aren't lazy efforts on the part of the designers. Chan personally ensured this was the case by visiting almost every designer to make a video of the process of each white t-shirt interpretation. Some designers have made simple shape adjustments and some have taken their tees out of a wearable context altogether. Just to cite a few of the creative endeavourts the designers have taken their tees, we have a marshamallow covered shirt from Swedish collective Doktor Doktor, a spider web cut-out tee from Kling by Kling and a Mundi t-shirt that went travelling around Iceland for six days and thus accumulating that expedition's imprints.
The rest of the Project White T-shirt story is a simple one; the t-shirts will be going on exhibition around the world and then they're up for auction and all proceeds go to Designers Against Aids. They're currently swishing around in a giant laundromat at L.A. Boutique Welcome Hunters and then they go to Space 15 Twenty Gallery.
Dazed Digital: How did you come up with the idea for Project White T-shirt?Ritchie Chan: The idea of the project began with simple curiosity. I've always felt that the fashion industry is dominated by consumerism and monotonous designs, so I am interested in how we can revolutionize the industry or at least add something new to it. The white t-shirt is a natural icon to recreate because of its status as the most classic and basic article of clothing. We also thought that this project would be a great opportunity to contribute to charity, so we're auctioning all the pieces and donating the proceeds to Designers Against AIDS.
DD: How did you go about selecting the designers to work with as it's quite an eclectic and international list?Ritchie Chan: Some of the designers we invited to participate often work with transformations of clothing as part of their signature style, or have a more progressive take on fashion. For example, A'N'D and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair have always been known for their ability to bring new ideas and expand possibilities in fashion. Others have very unique takes or strong statements about fashion in their designs. For example Aftur believes in environmental clothing, Jean//Phillip cultivates a progressive approach to gender and sexuality and Daniel Palillo plays on dark humor. We were confident that all 31 designers could contribute something interesting to the project and to fashion in general.
DD: Why begin with an 'internet exhibition' as opposed to a more traditional gallery setting?Ritchie Chan: The intention is that our website functions as a virtual gallery, complementing the traditional gallery exhibition which opens on Saturday, December 19th. As every design is so unique, we wanted to show audiences not only the creation itself, but the creative process behind each piece through video interviews with the designers. That way people can really understand the designers' inspirations as well as the influence of their surroundings on their designs, as if the designers are really talking to you through the videos. At the same time a traditional exhibition tour will take place in galleries and stores around the world so that people have the chance to see the designs in person.
DD: How will this project develop over the next few months?Ritchie Chan: Project White T-Shirt will begin a global exhibition tour on December 19th at Welcome Hunters in Los Angeles. The more people know about the project, the more we can help Designers Against AIDS, so after Welcome Hunters the pieces will exhibit in different galleries and stores around the world including Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood and Gallery de Vie in Hong Kong. In keeping with the innovative spirit of Project White T-Shirt, each exhibition involves a creative installation as well. At the upcoming Welcome Hunters exhibition, we're turning the space into a laundromat!
by Dazed Digital


London Fashion Week 10 AW Schedule

Friday 19th February
09.30 Paul Costelloe BFC/WC2
10.00 Designer Exhibition at LFW Opens
11.00 Caroline Charles BFC/WC2
12.15 Maria Grachvogel TBC
13.30 Eun Jeong BFC/WC2
14.45 Hakan Yildirim TBC
15.45 Aminaka Wilmont BFC/WC2
17.00 Jena Theo BFC/WC2
18.15 Felder Felder WC2
18.15 Hannah Marshall WC2
18.15 Jean-Pierre Braganza WC2
19.45 Sass & Bide BFC/WC2
LFW Presentations
09.00-20.00 Orla Kiely The Portico Rooms
13.00-17.00 Craig Lawrence **WC2 TBC
Cooperative Designs ** TBC
TBC David David TBC
Saturday 20th February
09.00 DAKS BFC/WC2
10.00 Emilio de la Morena E1
11.00 Kinder Aggugini BFC/WC2
12.15 Fashion East WC2
13.15 Unique TS
14.30 John Rocha BFC/WC2
15.45 Mark Fast **TS
15.45 Mary Katrantzou **TS
16.45 House of Holland TBC
17.45 Charles Anastase E1
19.00 Ann-Sofie Back TS
20.00 PPQ BFC/WC2
LFW Presentations
09.00-11.00 Maria Francesca Pepe **The Portico Rooms
12.30-14.00 Sykes ** The Portico Rooms
15.30-17.30 Louise Gray ** The Portico Rooms
19.00-21.00 Holly Fulton ** The Portico Rooms
TBC Danielle Scutt TBC
Sunday 21st February
09.00 Betty Jackson BFC/WC2
10:00 Richard Nicoll TS
11:00 Margaret Howell W1
12.00 Jasper Conran BFC/WC2
13.15 Matthew Williamson TBC
14.15 Todd Lynn BFC/WC2
15.15 Meadham Kirchhoff **TS
16.30 Julien Macdonald TBC
17.30 Louise Goldin TS
18.30 Aquascutum W1
19.30 Vivienne Westwood Red Label TBC
20.30 Ashish BFC/WC2
LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Clements Ribeiro The Portico Rooms
14.00-18.00 BodyAmr The Portico Rooms
TBC Eley Kishimoto TBC
TBC Mulberry W1
Monday 22nd February
09.00 Nicole Farhi WC2
10.00 Antonio Berardi TBC
11.15 Osman BFC/WC2
12.15 Christopher Kane TS
13.30 Roksanda Ilincic SW1
14.30 Erdem TBC
15.30 Jaeger London BFC/WC2
16.45 Marios Schwab TS
18.00 Paul Smith W1
19.30 Pringle of Scotland TBC
LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Future Classics The Portico Rooms
10.00-12.00 Twenty8Twelve TBC
14.00-18.00 Marcus Lupfer The Portico Rooms
TBC Graeme Black W1
TBC Duro Olowu TBC
TBC ALICE by Temperley TBC
Tuesday 23rd February
09.00 Bora Aksu BFC/WC2
10:00 Peter Pilotto **TBC
11:15 Basso and Brooke BFC/WC2
12.45 Jonathan Saunders TBC
13.45 Josh Goot TBC
14.45 Amanda Wakeley BFC/WC2
16.00 Burberry Prorsum TBC
17.15 Nathan Jenden TBC
18.15 Jenny Packham WC2
19.30 Central Saint Martins BFC/WC2
LFW Presentations
09.00-12.00 Krystof Strozyna The Portico Rooms
09.30-15.00 Antoni & Alison TBC
13.00-17.00 Peter Jensen TBC
14.30-18.30 Christian Blanken The Portico Rooms
TBC Issa London W1
Wednesday 24th February - MENSWEAR
09.00 Carolyn Massey BFC/WC2
09:00 JW Anderson BFC/WC2
09:45 Lou Dalton The Portico Rooms
10.45 Aitor Throup TBC
11.45 E. Tautz W
113.00 Christopher Shannon BFC/WC2
13.00 James Long BFC/WC2
15.00 MAN WC2
16.30 Topman Design BFC/WC2
18.30 A Child of the Jago TBC
LFW Presentations
Afternoon Fashion East Menswear Installations WC2
Tim Soar TBC

Muse #20: Abbey Lee Kershaw